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That Web Consultant comprises some of the most qualified individuals from the Digital, Creative, Tech and Business Consultancy industries. Each of our members has climbed to the top of their own industry with proven track records. We’re a unique setup that lets start-ups and SMEs gain access to the very top level professionals in Singapore to fulfill their business needs.

Nate is a pioneer in digital marketing and was previously the Senior VP at MatchMove Global, Deloitte’s fastest growing tech-startup in Singapore. There, he helped to increase user-revenue by 4,400% and beat industry CPAs by more than 7 times.

Apart from having trained people from leading digital and media agencies, he has also been approached by global intelligence company, IDC, for his insights into the social digital landscape. In addition, Nate has acted as an online marketing and content consultant for Yahoo (SEA), Resorts World Genting, Starhub, Kompas, TV3, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) among other major enterprises in the region.

An expert in using data-driven solutions and growth hacking processes to ensure key business objectives are met, Nate has consistently outperformed industry benchmarks by as much as 50 times. His track-record is backed by real numbers with his most recent strategies having helped a major international bank save 98% on card-member acquisition costs.

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Larry Ong was previously the National Executive Creative Director for Publicis Group in China and also the Group Executive Creative Director for Ogilvy Group. Throughout his career, Larry has won over 300 international and local creative awards which include prestigious accolades from Cannes, Clio, One Show and Adfest.

His 28 years in the industry has allowed him to accumulate a wealth of branding and marketing experience, having overseen campaigns for P&G, HP, IBM, Schroder, UOB Bank, BMW, Lexus, Volvo, Burger King, Finnair, Parker, Singapore Navy, Siemens, Bosch, IBM, L’Oréal, LVHM, Unilever, Philips, Disney, Danone, Haier among many more.

Presently Larry is focusing on business resource integration, brand revitalization, business model innovation and cooperate strategy development. He is holding several positions including Chief Creative officer for MUA China, Strategy and Innovation Director for ANC Group, creative partner for Brainet Group China and Executive Creative Director for AOS.

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Anthea was most recently Managing Director, Omega Performance Inc, a Washington DC-headquartered consulting group for banks and financial institutions. Prior to that, she held key business leadership roles with MNCs such as Pearson Plc, New York Institute of Finance, Terrapinn Group and UOB. She was also Principal Consultant for three high-profile education transformation projects with the Singapore, Taipei and Kaohsiung governments. Formerly a Board Member of UNIFEM Singapore.

Anthea is currently elected President of WINGS and Founding Board Member of Daughters of Tomorrow.
She is currently having a jolly good time with 3 social impact businesses through her investment outfit, The Anagami Group: Hush TeaBar (Singapore’s first silent teabar to bring silence and awareness to the modern lifestyle facilitated by hearing-impaired employees); The Good Food Org (a natural/healthy food micro-entrepreneurship movement to empower the unemployed/unemployable); and Anagami Wellness (a natural living/elemental healing and education centre for chronic and degenerative diseases).

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A self-taught IT and programming specialist who built a chat system early in his career, which then went on to generate over S$3m in revenue. Edwin has come a long way since then and currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Hashtag Interactive Pte Ltd and is the founder of tech-startup, Clopy. He previously held the position of VP Engineering at one of Southeast Asia’s most highly viewed websites, The Asian Parent, which caters to over 6 million readers every month.

With over 12 years in the IT industry, Edwin has become proficient in a number of different areas related to Security, Networks, Cloud, CDN and server technology. His knowledge of IT systems and server architectures have helped him to restructure company servers on Amazon Cloud services to handle 4 million pageviews a day using Varnish Cache server and build cloud email sending platforms capable of 1 million emails per day. Edwin’s IT skills have helped companies realize more than 150% growth and significant savings across various departments.

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