Singapore’s only web design that has helped 100% of clients generate revenue

That Web Consultant is Singapore’s only web design where the UI/UX is personally led by one of Asia’s top digital marketers. We are proud to say all our clients have generated revenue.

Website development usually starts with “Design”. However, years of record-breaking performances have taught us that, to be successful, we must always start with “Strategy”. That’s why we integrate website development into an overall strategic plan at no extra charge – because we believe in building the right foundations for all our partners’ projects.

What you get

Perfectly Designed Store Front

Designed by specialists in your industry. Project personally led by the lead consultant. A final design that matches your business strategy and gets visitors to do 1 thing: BUY.

Easy-To-Update Product Database

Update your product listing and prices instantly. A simple tool that’s easy to use even for those new to technology and the internet.

Protect Confidential Data

Assign multiple access levels. Let only managers see sales figures.
Let data-entry staff see only product data.

Reach Customers Even After They’ve Left

Ever searched for flights or hotels online? What happens if you leave without booking? You’d start to see advertisements reminding you to come back. Our e-commerce websites are set up to let you reach that same level of marketing power.

How we do it

Step 1:
Start with a Strong Foundation

• Understand your business goals
• Find out about competitors and current environment
 (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 
• Work with you to decide market positioning and selling points  (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 

Step 2:

Design Led By Business Needs

• Ensure a leading business strategist oversees project planning and design
 (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 
• Structure site navigation based on strategic plan
 (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 
• Plan tracking to ensure long-term success
 (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 

Step 3:

Website Development and Launch

• Design website
•User Interface personally done by Singapore’s leading digital marketer  (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 
• Development and testing

Step 4:
Maintenance & Progress Reports

• Launch + ongoing maintenance
• Apply UI/UX concepts to design  (Exclusive to That Web Consultant) 

Web Design from $1,500 (post-PIC grant)

E-Commerce Web Design from $4,800 (post-PIC grant)

Want a great website in 2 weeks?